Welcome to Water My Roses in Tea.

This blog is an experiment into writing. I have been storytelling since I was a little girl, and it is the defining characteristic of my being. After losing my mother a few years ago I have entered a writing slump. In that time I have had no real place to display my writing. This blog is the opportunity to practice and display my pieces.

Genres on this site will range into every possibility, but most will be fiction. A few nonfiction might pop up when I become comfortable enough to write about them. Some pieces may be the greatest examples of my writing, and some may be cliched excuses for writing. This is done in an attempt to become a more confident writer.

Finally, if any piece was shaped by music, I will post a link to the song listened to while writing and conceptualizing. You, as the reader are welcome to listen, or listen to whatever you enjoy. Overall, please enjoy your stay!